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Common Causes Of Water Damage In Franklin Lakes NJ

There are several causes for water damage in Franklin Lakes NJ. Emergency water damage is a stressful situation – leading to unexpected emotional and financial pressure. Whatever the cause, immediate action is required to mitigate further structural damage. As a homeowner yourself, contact a dependable team for water damage restoration in Fairlawn NJ to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Equipped to handle all types of water emergencies, these teams help evaluate the water damage cause and develop a rapid cleanup – without impacting your daily life. Read on to learn more about the common causes for water damage in Franklin Lakes New Jersey.

Heavy Rainfall & Flash Flooding

The first cause of water damage in Franklin Lakes NJ is heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Sudden heavy rainfalls often lead to flash floods – resulting in severe structural damage to your property. After heavy rainfall, your property may experience damage from collected rocks, debris, and standing water. To mitigate mold growth after a rainfall, call an experienced flood restoration company in NJ. These experts are trained to deploy rapid cleaning solutions for standing water – protecting your valuable belongings from potential mold infestation. Definitely, heavy rainfall and flash flooding is a major cause of severe water damage near Franklin Lakes NJ.

Frozen & Burst Pipes

Frozen and burst pipes are other common causes of water damage in Franklin Lakes New Jersey. Malfunctioned broken pipes often develop leaks and lead to extensive damage in nearby areas. Once you notice visible signs of frozen/burst pipe damage, contact emergency restoration contractors to control rapid flooding. These experts may deploy advanced camera equipment and identify leakage sources – while cleaning standing water. For outdoor plumbing systems, IICRTC-certifies experts recommend proper insulation to prevent frozen pipes during lower temperatures. Indeed, frozen and burst pipes often cause severe water damage emergencies in Franklin Lakes NJ.

Structural Damage

Structural damages are another cause of water emergencies in Franklin Lakes NJ. These structural damages may trigger from moisture dripping through walls, flooring, and crawl spaces. A top-rated water damage restoration company may help assess the damaged spaces and detect hidden signs of moisture – preventing hazardous mold growth. Once your property is restored, regular cleanup is recommended for all hidden spaces to avoid moisture infiltration. Of course, structural damage is one of the common causes of water risks in Franklin Lakes NJ.

Malfunctioning Home Appliances

Malfunctioning home appliances are another major cause of water damage in Franklin Lakes NJ. A few common home appliances that may cause water leaks in NJ include washing machines, ACs, and water heaters. When broken, these appliances may cause water leaks, clogged drains, and damaged plumbing systems. Initially, property restoration contractors assess cause of appliance damage to minimize further risks. Then, the leaked water is extracted to protect walls, flooring, and overall insulation. With a quick 1-hour response time, emergency restoration teams may help clean flooded laundry rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms – caused by any appliance leak. Definitely, malfunctioning home appliances are a common cause of water damage in Franklin Lakes New Jersey.

Sewage Backups

Lastly, sewage backups are also a common cause of water damage in Franklin Lakes NJ. Usually, sewage backups are caused due to excessive rain or storms – clogging wastewater lines and drainage systems. Sewage backup can quickly turn into a water overflow disaster without professional help. Contact a water damage restoration service to evaluate the damage extent near the clogged sewage. In addition to emergency remediation, restoration experts may recommend precautions to prevent sewage clogging in the future. Certified technicians use advanced equipment to clean black sewage water, deodorize the entire area, and leave the property in pre-loss condition. Indeed, sewage backups are a common cause of water damage in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

There are several causes for water damage in Franklin Lakes NJ. Seek professional help during emergency water damage in Ridgewood NJ caused due to heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Additionally, experts may help evaluate water damage causes during other emergencies – including broken/frozen pipes, structural damage, and basement flooding. During appliance leakage, these restoration teams may deploy advanced equipment to prevent further property damage. In addition, sewage backup may eventually turn into a disaster – causing severe structural damage to your property. Indeed, learn what might be causing water damage to your property in Franklin Lakes NJ.

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