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Jigsaw PMR is New Jersey's leading mold removal or mold remediation and cleanup specialist. We’re not just responders, we’re problem solvers armed with specific tools to extract the mold while keeping a very efficient and tidy workspace.


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Looking for Mold Removal or Mold Remediation in North Jersey?

Mold can grow in any home or in any business/workplace. All it takes is one leaky pipe to create a dangerous and potentially hazardous problem. Mold remediation can be critical to ensuring spores don’t travel throughout the entire property. Any exposure to mold can lead to irritants and allergens that can turn into much greater medical risks.

If you suspect your home or business to have mold, Jigsaw PMR’s licensed professionals can inspect and evaluate your property. If mold is present in the property, Jigsaw’s finest are more than well-equipped to identify the kind of mold and the severity of the situation. They have to specific tools to extract the mold while keeping a very efficient and tidy workspace.

Upon arrival, we initiate the process with the help of a damage assessment. We then give you an estimate of the price before we start working. Our technicians are experienced in working on water and flood damage restoration, so we offer you the most accurate assessment around.


  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Contamination Isolation


24/7 Emergency Services

Understanding Mold Removal

  • Mold is everywhere, inside your property and out.
  • Microscopic mold spores make their way into your home by clinging onto your clothes, onto a pet, through open windows/doors, or your AC/Heater.
  • Mold spores rely on moisture. When mold is exposed to water, it can multiply into many different groups that slowly expand over your property.
  • Before mold can be extracted, entry points of water that grew the mold in the first place must be addressed so that the mold doesn’t grow back.
  • Detecting mold can often be as simple as visual identification – but it also gives off a very distinct smell. Our mold remediation professionals spot the problem quickly.
  • Indoor humidity is another large cause of mold – to keep your property from growing mold due to indoor humidity, keep your indoor humidity 45 degrees or lower.


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