Protect your basement from flooding with a dependable french drain waterproofing system. Also known as a footing, foundation, perimeter, or sub-surface drain - these applications channel water away from your home's foundation - keeping your basement dry and maintaining structural integrity.


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French Drain Systems For Home & Property Protection

Install french drain systems to prevent over-saturation in your home’s basement – or surrounding the exterior foundation. These basement waterproofing solutions divert incoming water, alleviate hydrostatic pressure, and accelerate sump pump drainage. State-of-the-art french drain installations preserve structural integrity and mold-free living environment – especially for susceptible, subterranean basements & crawl spaces. There are several visible signs that a french drain installation may be in your best interest:

  • Leaking/Cracked Foundation Walls
  • Mildew Or Mold Growth Inside The Home
  • Consistent Flooding During Heavy Rainfall
  • Persistent Dampness In Your Crawl Space Or Basement
  • Musty Smell Inside Your Home

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State-Of-The-Art Types Of French Drain Installations

Explore the different types of residential french drain installations that can protect your property from heavy rainfall, flooding risks, or water intrusion. The most appropriate form of french drain waterproofing system depends on your home’s individual situation, your risk tolerance, and the origin cause of flooding.

Interior French Drain

Interior french drains are installed around the perimeter of your basement or crawl space – typically attaching to the sump pump for drainage.

Surface French Drain

These french drains are installed just beneath the ground’s service and use perforated pipes to divert incoming storm water away from your home.

Blind Trench Drain

Blind trench french drains are installed underground and out-of-sight. Installation often surrounds driveways, patios, downslopes, or access points.

The Jigsaw PMR Guarantee: Professional French Drain Installation Expertise

French drain installation should not be a DIY project. Jigsaw PMR’s professional and IICRC-certifed team is prepared to install the most effective, reliable french drain waterproofing pipe for your property’s basement. We understand flooded basement cleanup, restoration, and water damage mitigation – making us one of the most trusted, versatile, and experienced companies in the industry. Transform your home’s basement, property value, and water management approach with a powerful french drain solution.

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