Storm Damage Cleanup in NJ

Jigsaw PMR is New Jersey's leading Storm Damage Cleanup restoration specialist. We have technicians available 24/7 throughout the state.


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Storm Damage Cleanup With 24/7 Response

Whether it be rain, snow, sleet, or hail, the elements seem to constantly be in a battle with your property. No matter how much effort you put into making sure everything is sealed up, there is the potential for a northern New Jersey storm to cause severe damage to your property. Extreme weather damage demands an immediate response and efficient cleanup process. Jigsaw PMR is committed to fixing any storm damage and returning your property to its pre-damaged state. 


  • Flood Damage Repair
  • Hail & Snowstorm Damage
  • Strong Wind Damage


24/7 Emergency Services

Conducting a Storm Damage Inspection

Immediately following a serious storm, it is essential that you document each and every detail about the event. From taking pictures of damaged shingles and leaky ceilings to writing down the date and time of the storm itself. These necessary details help provide all the information when communicating with insurance. Additionally, scheduling a free inspection from Jigsaw PMR ensures you understand the full impact of what damage the storm may have caused. Missing hard-to-see signs of damage can result in your claim being filed for much less than what the true damage may be. Based on the inspection findings, a report will be generated that will summarize the impact of the storm. This document helps guide your decision on whether or not to file a claim, and our team is there to answer any questions you may have about the process.

How to Handle Insurance Companies

Immediately following a serious storm with visible damage, your first reaction may be to call the insurance company. While this makes logical sense, it is important to know what you are getting into first! Insurance companies are designed to fix and repair the situation in the fastest possible manner with as little expense as possible. Regardless of how severe the damage may be, it is essential that you review your insurance policy coverage to understand what your plan details allow. Jigsaw PMR has years of experience negotiating and working with insurance companies to make sure you get a fair payout for your coverage.


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Why You Need Storm Damage Restoration

Wind damage often creates an opportunity for excess moisture to enter into the home and cause secondary issues. Water build-up and pooling commonly leads to mold growth that can quickly penetrate a home. If left alone, mold can contribute to significant health issues and risks for all individuals within the property. The moment a storm subsides and you see visible damage, give Jigsaw PMR a call for a free quote on exactly what you should expect for your unique situation.

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