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How To Deal With Emergency Water Damage In Ridgewood NJ

There are several steps to deal with emergency water damage in Ridgewood NJ. Handling water damage emergencies can be stressful, challenging, and overwhelming for Ridgewood residents. Water from floods, burst pipes, toilet/sink overflow, or leaking appliances in NJ can cause significant amounts of damage – in incredibly short periods of time. If you are facing any water damage emergencies, contact restoration experts to help protect your biggest investment. Keep reading to learn about dealing with emergency water damage in Ridgewood NJ.

Prioritize Safety

First, prioritize safety during water damage emergencies in Ridgewood NJ. You can’t live, eat, sleep, or work in an unsafe environment. Prioritize safety from unnoticed mold, mildew, and bacteria – which can pose serious health risks. As soon as possible, contact emergency restoration professionals to safely address water damage. Trained specialists inspect the property, restore the damage, and verify when it’s safe to return home. Indeed, prioritize safety when dealing with water damage emergencies in Ridgewood New Jersey.

Choose Damage Restoration Professionals

Choose restoration professionals to deal with emergency water damage in Ridgewood NJ. Look for restoration contractors that are certified and licensed by the IICRC – which ensures technicians follow established practices and procedural standards on every projects. Additionally, select experts available with 24-hour service and immediate emergency response. You can read online reviews to learn about recent customer experiences for water damage emergencies in Ridgewood, Oradell, Passaic, Newark, Jersey City, and more. When you choose Jigsaw PMR for water damage restoration, you can be sure that your emergency will be handled quickly, safely, and professionally. Certainly, choose damage cleanup professionals to deal with water damage in Ridgewood NJ.

Inspect Damaged Surfaces & Materials

Upon arrival, water damage restoration contractors in Ridgewood NJ inspect impacted surfaces and materials. A thorough, multi-phase inspection process is performed to determine what restoration and mitigation efforts are required. Our team uses advanced moisture meters and thermal imaging equipment to identify high-risk damaged surfaces – including floors, cabinets, vanities, and wall cavities. Restoration professionals also examine crawl spaces, which can become structurally unstable with excess moisture. Our water damage technicians have all the industry expertise and state-of-the-art equipment needed to handle the inspection process. Surely, water damage specialists in Ridgewood can help you cleanup a flooded basement in NJ.

Begin Water Extraction & Removal

At this point, it is time to begin water damage removal and restoration in Ridgewood NJ. Water extraction should start within 24-48 hours of the initial emergency. During restoration, flooring, insulation, and drywall may need to be removed to eliminate mildew and mold growth. Water damage teams will additionally dry out, restore, or dispose of home furnishings – depending on the severity. Our contractors carefully determine what items are salvageable and throw out unsafe materials. Afterwards, your contractor will use wet-dry vacuums and advanced cleaning agents to remove the rest of the water. Once all the standing water is gone, the area can ventilate and dry with state-of-the-art dehumidifiers. Certainly, hire professional restoration services for water damage cleanup and removal in Ridgewood NJ.

Check For Mold Growth

After your water damage emergency in Ridgewood NJ has been handled, contractors should still check for mold growth. If standing water wasn’t completely removed and dried out within 24 hours, you could be at risk for mold exposure. Restoration teams thoroughly inspect your home’s carpets, flooring, drywall, and walls for signs of mold growth. If anything is found, restoration teams may recommend mold testing or removal. Of course, they’ll help you understand the end-to-end mold remediation process before the project starts. Before you’re officially done with your water damage emergency in Ridgewood NJ, have your contractor check for mold growth.

There are several steps to deal with emergency water damage in Ridgewood NJ. First and foremost, prioritize your safety from damage from NJ water leaks, malfunctioning appliances, and overflowing toilets/sinks. Choose restoration professionals who are available 24/7 and IICRC-Certified. Upon arrival, these specialists inspect damaged surfaces & materials – including crawl spaces, vanities, walls, and flooring. Then, teams focus on removing excess water and drying the space. Once all the standing water is extracted, they’ll conduct additional inspections for mold growth. Follow the points above to learn about dealing with emergency water damage in Ridgewood NJ.