Our team at Jigsaw PMR knows this well. We’re not just responders, we’re problem solvers armed with advanced tools and techniques to swiftly remove water from your property.


Minimise Water Damage

When it comes to water damage, every second counts. Our team at Jigsaw PMR knows this well. We’re not just responders, we’re problem solvers armed with advanced tools and techniques to swiftly remove water from your property. And we don’t stop there—we make sure your property is thoroughly dried and documented, ensuring a proper recovery.

Tackling Water Damage Head-On Water damage is a tough challenge. It affects not just your property, but also the things inside. Flooded basements, burst pipes, and sewage backups lead to delaminated carpets, warped wood floors, and mold growth. Your belongings, documents, and electronics are at risk. DIY cleanup often worsens the damage. Special tools are needed to find, clean up, and prevent mold growth caused by trapped moisture and water vapor.


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Water damages demand fast restoration. Where there’s moisture and poor ventilation, mold follows. Mold isn’t just unsightly—it can be harmful to your health. The best water damage restoration experts offer immediate restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Repairing Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes Winter is a tough season for water damage. Freezing temperatures often lead to burst pipes. Poorly insulated homes are prone to frozen pipes. Burst pipes can lead to gallons of water flooding your living spaces. If you’re facing water damage in your NJ home due to a burst or frozen pipe, reach out to us for immediate repairs.


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The Three-Step Strategy Our approach is divided into three phases. First, we respond to emergencies by inspecting the site. Next, we remove water and ensure a drying process that’s closely monitored. In the third phase, reinstallation and cleaning happen if required. This ensures a comprehensive recovery.

Starting Strong: The journey begins with a thorough damage assessment as soon as we arrive. We believe in transparency, so we walk through the job and explain everything we are going to do before beginning any work. With our skilled and certified technicians experienced in flood damage restoration, you can trust our honest accurate assessments.

Banishing Excess Water: For battling water damage, our secret weapons are powerful pumps. These cut down drying time and reduce the risk of mold growth. Our state-of-the-art moisture detectors, infrared camera and hygrometers help us identify hidden moisture in floors.

Beyond Water Removal: Restoring Your Space Once the water is gone, there might be lingering repairs. That’s where Jigsaw PMR steps in. We fix flooring, drywall, and more. And if plumbing or wiring services are needed, our skilled team can handle that too. Water damage is harsh, but our effective team will restore your property back to its former glory.

Don’t Wait: Act Swiftly Water Damage can wreak havoc on your property. The key is to begin restoration ASAP. By reaching out to Jigsaw PMR, you’re enlisting the help of a first responder who acts fast. Remember, neglecting burst pipes only compounds the problems.

Expertise That Counts Jigsaw PMR has the expertise and experience to ensure thorough drying after a water disaster. Whether it’s a flooded basement or a sewage backup, we have the tools and methods to sanitize your space and prevent secondary damage. Our quick responses not only save you time and money but also rescues items before water destroys them.